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A World Among Worlds

Um blog de estudantes de antropologia com interesses diversificados: A World Among Worlds.

«Existence is not segregated and insular, it is about connections and relations and completeness. Yet every person is an individual, aware of others while forever stuck in the solitude that is…well, one’s own creation of a world. It is impossible to completely disengage from this holistic humanity just as it is impossible to be a part of its entirety. Life lived is a sub-sect of the total reality, a piece of the larger pie if you please.

As students of anthropology, we have learned to isolate aspects of the whole while acknowledging the bridge between the specific and the communal, realizing the actuality of both simultaneously. We study people within their own context, within a global context, and reflexively within our own context. The story we create is one which fixes space in time, highlighting a finite microcosm of a greater infinite whole.» ++



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