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Através de Open Anthropology, a notícia do lançamento em 2008 de mais uma revista de antropologia online, a ASAonline, da Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth. Citando:

“The ASA is delighted to announce ASAonline, a new online publication series to be launched in 2008. The series will specialise in long in-depth articles in any field of anthropology and will be available online on a free-to-read/download basis. All publications in the series will be evaluated by anonymous peer-review.

The ASA committee has been increasingly concerned that public accessibility to journals of quality has not improved in recent years. While most of our research is publicly funded, results are seldom freely accessible. As academic journals are increasingly being transferred to management by publishers, and costs increase, access to anthropological research has become increasingly privileged.

As the committee wish anthropological research to be widely available, we have decided to launch our own online publication series to complement our existing book publications. We also seek to expand our publication range to include digital media and to adopt new technologies.”

E o movimento vai crescendo…



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