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Diários de Campo: Turquia

Erkan’s field diary on Turkish journalism and the European Union.


Diários de Campo: Cicilie among the Parisians

A blog from Cicilie Fagerlid’s fieldwork in Paris, mais um diário de campo em “formato blog”.

Diários de campo: Nicarágua

Mais um diário de campo em formato blog: antropyton em trabalho de campo na Nicarágua.

Diários de Campo: França

Mary’s Research Blog : um diário de campo em formato blog.

For a long time now I have been meaning to write more about immigration policy as it is experienced on the ground; what is life like for people in France living clandestinely, especially in the aftermath of the revisions to the immigration laws of this summer? Continuar a ler >>

Destaques : Sarkozy’s campaign director: immigrants = criminals