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Engaging Anthropology


ERICKSEN, Thomas H. (2006) Engaging Anthropology, Oxford: Berg.

Engaging Anthropology [¹] interroga os motivos porque a antropologia se mantém acomodada entre as paredes confortáveis, mas algo poeirentas, das academias, em vez de “invadir” as várias instâncias do mundo “real”, o que, segundo o autor, já deveria ter há muito acontecido.

Anthropology should have changed the world, yet the subject is almost invisible in the public sphere outside the academy. This is puzzling, since a wide range of urgent issues of great social importance are being raised in original and authoritative ways by anthropologists. They should have been at the forefront of public debate about multiculturalism and nationalism, the human aspects of information technology, poverty and economic globalisation, human rights issues and questions of collective and individual identification in the Western world, just to mention a few topical areas. But somehow the anthropologists fail to get their message across. In nearly every country in the world, anthropologists are all but absent from the media and from general intellectual discourse. Their sophisticated perspectives, complex analyses and exciting field material remain unknown to all but the initiates. In fact, whenever anthropologists endeavour to write in a popular vein, they tend to surround themselves with an air of coyness and self-mockery, or they stress that the topic at hand is of such a burning importance that they see no other option than (god forbid) addressing non-anthropologists. Ler +


O blog – social and cultural anthropology in the news publica alguns textos sobre o livro de Ericksen:

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Entrevista com Thomas Ericksen: survey: Six anthropologists on Anthropology and Internet

[¹] O link para o livro, no site de T. Ericksen, deixou de estar acessível.



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